The Inner Circle
You only have so much time and so much energy and only so many resources.  Be aware of the Inner Circle principle.  What's this?  It's where you decide who and what you give your time and enegy to.  You decide who is in your Inner Circle, including your significant other, friends, family and associates.  You can't take care of the world so give your time and energy to those you care about most.  Those in your Inner Circle.

Be Cool ... Show Some Respect
Whether Fool, Financier or Accuser, show some respect.  Work with those that work with you, and keep your distance from those that don't.  Approach all strangers with friendly, informal caution until you know them better.  The world can be a dangerous place so the best insurance is caution.  Respect all those that you work with, even if you don't agree with them.  

Communicate Effectively - and Respond When Need Be
Communication has four main parts.  Obective : the reason for the message.  Content: what is being delivered.  Delivery: how it's delivered.  Feedback: how it's received.  Each of the four has its own characteristics.  Mostly -- just be aware.  Content and Delivery are the biggies.  You can be gently or you can hit someone over the head with a two by four.  It just depends on the situation. 

Work Together
The best results in the working world are usually created by teamwork.  Seek to enhance your knowledge, experience, skill and talents and help others do the same. Individual work and common goals, are where a team comes in.  A good team, working together, is a truly powerful resource.  

Teach Others / Share
when you find better ways... when you find knowledge that helps make the job easier... if you find a principle or technique that helps make the job easier... share with your team.  Keep a journal of what you learn and make one of your goals, adding to that list of  things that makes it easier to accomplish your task.

Learn Constantly -- and Apply What You Learn
The human mind is capable of tremendous things.  Always be learning and always be open to new knowledge and perspectives.  Make it a goal to learn something everyday.  It keeps your mind fresh.  Don't be afraid to ask questions for that is an exercising of your mind.  Seek answers... and if it gets tough, find out why... and then break it down into answers and managable pieces so it will be easier next time.  Keep a ' white board ' in you head for just these times, and bookmark or actually write down the problem and the forthcoming answers and solutions. 

Use the Scientific Method
What does that mean?  Ask questions... state the problem or objective... brainstorm... force others to learn from the situation and then focus them ' forward ' and out of the quagemire.   Go forward with your questions, moving ' towards' the solution and ' away ' from the problem or issue at hand.  By doing this, by focusing on the future, you are better able to stop the finger pointing and get everyone focused on the future - which is where the solution is.

Use all of Your Tools
There are always more resources at your disposal.  Books, subject matter experts, experiences from the recent past, magazines articles... the net... co workers... associates... customers... Another tool is the future.  What is the ideal? How do you define what is the best situation ( imagination at work ).  Take a book home every night and study for just fifteen minutes.   Go to the library.  Search the net for information, ebooks, articles and subject matter experts.  Talk to people, ask questions !
Converse, share ideas and explore!

Be Flexible -- You Just Might Learn Something
Keep an open mind.  Be open to new ideas and other ways of looking at things.  Someone else just may have a piece of the puzzle that you have been looking for.  If there is a different opinion, don't criticize, explore !  Find out why!   Encourage other points of view, perspectives and approaches.  You never know when that one piece of information will show up.

Focus -- there are times when you need to Focus
Know when to focus.  Learn how to zero in and not get distracted.  Learn to apply all of your tools, and like a magnifying glass, center all of your energy on the task at hand.   Learn to attack with a ' vengeance ' when needed.  But also, learn to back off when needed.  Learn to know when to do both.

Help Others.  Help others hit their objectives.  Give encouragement, guidance and support when and where you can.  Simple,
but very effective and you just may ' make someone's day ' with a little extra effort from yourself. 

Be Clear -- Avoid Confusion
what's a resource? Time, tools, energy, knowledge, raw materials, muscle power, mind power - learn to use your tools and you will outdo most other people and do it consciously...

Seek Understanding
When confused... and when angry... and in situations where others may be confused or angry or frustrated or upset.  Avoid Fire, Ready, Aim ... Always step back, find out what's going on first!  Don't jump to conclusions.  Seek a bit of patience, and find out what's going on!  This will serve you well and... avoid emotional and frustrating entanglements later.  Be Cool Man..

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