Start Now
Whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, or want to achieve... whatever goals you have, whatever experiences you wish to have, no matter when it is or where you are or what day it is.... START NOW! to make it happen. Read this one paragraph, everyday, even if you don't read the rest. 

Take it Easy on Yourself
life is hard enough on you already and you are gonna make some mistakes occasionally --  As long as your intentions are honorable, that should be ok and should not be a disaster all things being equal.   The first rule : Don't be too hard on yourself for life is tough enough as it is.

Take it One Step at a Time
too many times we bite off more than we can chew.  Cut your task into pieces. Observe and review the big picture, then start on one small piece at a time. 

Move at Your Own Pace
life has a bad habit of speeding you up.  Find a pace that is comfortable for you and no matter how much bs comes your way, keep that same pace.

Pursue Your Interest With All Your Heart and Help Others Do the Same
and you will be in the 5 %. What does that mean?  It means help others help you and help others achieve what they are after.  Help others help you and you will see a difference in how other people deal with you.  This is a biggie...

Mind Your Business and Mind it Well
focus man... on your business... and any other business that is directly related to you.  Don't wait... take care of it... make it your priority when you get up everyday.  I said everyday!  Get 'er done ! See also -- Taking Care of Business.

Work for Results
ok - if a million dollars is the result - that's cool, if the result is security for your family, a better life, that's fine... just don't work for a paycheck... raise the standard... know what it is you are trying to accomplish by your actions...know ( other than money ) what you are working for and towards...  this will help eliminate the grudgery of work and hopefully will inspire you to reach for something better, over and over again.

Work to become more Valuable
What does that mean?  Increase your knowledge, increase your experience, increase your skill levels... that makes you more valuable... at work and at life in general...

Work With  Not Against - Work Together !!!
man ... stop complaining ... if you don't like where you are then leave... provide positive input, don't whine.  Two or more can do a lot more than one and especially if you are all moving in the same direction. 

Don't get Overwhelmed  Don't' Take on More Monkeys than You Can Handle
Only you know how much stuff you can do in any one day. Don't take on more that you can handle.  Say ' no ' if you can't get to it. You gotta be the judge of that...

Develop Your Unique Potential
ok -- you probably have an idea of what you are capable of... so develop your potential... and then branch out... see what else you can do... and never stop the process.

Take Intelligent Advantage of Every Opportunity
ok -- notice I said intelligent advantage... that is important... think about what you are doing and what impact it will have on yourself and others.  Procede cautiously... and intelligently... but procede!  Opportunity is something that you need a weather eye for no matter how old you are and the sooner you learn, the better.

Use Your Resources Effectively
what's a resource? Time, tools, energy, knowledge, raw materials, muscle power, mind power - learn to use your tools and you will outdo most other people and do it consciously...

Continue to Refine Your Methods
be effecient... don't waste time... don't just work for results... work to produce results effeciently.  ever constant... one of the secrets of wealth... nuff said...

Learn From Adversity
the best way out of an ambush is through ... recognize a bad and adverse situation for what it is and that will be half the battle won.  The other is to keep going, eyes open and learn from the experience.

Develop a Sense of Adventure and a Sense of Humor
Life is pretty dull without some challenge!  Accept difficulty -- when life and work gets boring challenge yourself to things that seem undoable or out of reach... learn to inject creativity and fun into life where you can... it will make it easier for you and all those around you...

The Only Thing Worth Fighting for is a Dream
in this day and age of terrorism and uncertainty... it is important to hold on to your dreams and see if you can reach them.  Why not -- some pretty amazing things have been done by humans... don't be afraid to reach for something greater than yourself...

Aim High
you will learn this one as time goes on... and cannot be recovered... go for the gold even if you only get silver ... you only go through this world once so set some seriously high goals.... remember... there is nothing like the real thing...

Be Dynamic Avoid Petty Like the Plague
yea you can be petty once in a while... but be dynamic and sincere all the rest of the time.  Yea -- you can be light but at least concentrate on concepts, ideas and things that matter.  Elevate your thinking and the thinking of those around you.  Why waste your time and breath otherwise...

Use and Maintain Your Tools Wisely
when not using your ax, be sharpening it.  Keep your mind sharp. Keep your tools in good shape.  Learn to use your head and your hands effectively.  Maintain and strengthen those links that count.

It's the Things that you Do that you don't Have to Do That Make all the Difference
this is a biggie... you can go through life only doing what you have to do... and that's fine... however... you can step outside a routine life by doing things that you do not have to do.  you don't have to learn to play guitar... or write that book or screenplay... or learn Latin or go to Hawaii or get that degree or start that business or say or write a thank you note... there are a million things you don't have to do, but, it will make a difference...

Visualize the Results You Seek
yea -- a little metaphysical here... but it helps ... a little mental planning helps... seeing the result helps your aim and hit the target a bit easier... and helps you describe what you want to others... and helps coordinate your mental facilities... a little zen dont hurt...

Incorporate that which Helps You Eliminate that Which Doesn't
mostly be aware of this principle... you can get bogged down in stuff that doesn't help you move forward.  Learn to recognize and eliminate that which slows you down -- learn to recognize and incorporate that which speeds you up... be aware... but be humble... sometimes you must deal with situations and people that slow you down in order to get through them or accomplish your task... 

Enable and Enrich
... yourself and those you care about... share good things, experiences, principles, lessons learned, funny stories, questions about life ... think in terms of opportunity and possibilities... allow your mind to go free and encourage free and creative thinking from those around you... ask and care about what others think and ... feel...

Remember You are Working for Yourself
-- sometimes you gotta think and act for yourself... be aware that life can knock you off your feet --  especially after a wake up call... which is an unexpected event... divorce... lawsuit... job termination... loss of a friend or loved one.  You may occasionally find yourself feeling and having to act ' alone '.  Be aware of it.   Learn to maintain your center and sanity check things occasionally if your intuition starts to kick in... learn to evaluate in terms of how it ( life and life's situations ) effect you and do your best to be prepared for the worst, while working for the best.  Remember -- you are unique -- and you do things in the way that you think is right.  This may not be the same for those around you.  Watch out for number one - while working with and for those you care about.  And... there is always the unexpected... factor x... murphy is always lurking... even in the best of situations.  Life ain't perfect -- so if it knocks you to the mat, at least be aware that it can happen and be prepared to get back on your feet and keep going. 

Hold Yourself Responsible for your Actions
absolute personal freedom comes from absolutely taking responsibility for what you say and what you do.   Stand tall -- take your licks -- learn from life and you will get stronger -- take absolute total responsibility for yourself and everything that happens to you and you will be forced to learn, practice and be aware of good judgement. And -- you will learn to think on your own two feet and be proud of it.

Always Seek the Perfect Wave
Health, Intelligence, Courage, Ojbectives and Opportunity get you where you want to go.  You have a thin layer of atmosphere around the third planet from the sun that allows you to live.  You will only be here for a certain amount of time.  Your Time is Your Life --Don't waste it.

mmhall (mike)
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