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12 Basic Principles for Daily Living

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Integrity  - To recognize your individuality. Be yourself and all the personal power available to you is at your command. Sincerity should shine through your actions. Promote and believe in your own thoughts, feelings and existence in this journey through life. Realize and have faith in your unique potential. Have the courage to reach its limits. Be all that you are capable of being.

Humility - We can all bleed and feel pain. We all are sensitive creatures. It is our differences that get us into trouble and our similarities that get us out. We must realize that we either live as brothers or die as fools.

Understanding - Seek understanding and all else will follow. To ask when you don't know. Seek it in times of anger and confusion. It is a power all its own.

Knowledge - The relationship of one thing to another. Any fact or principle or conclusion that is relative to a situation. One of the most valuable of resources. One that should be used wisely.

Cooperation - Giving and taking. Working together for the superior common benefit of all concerned. A work force capable of reaching and securing the highest of goals and objectives. The principle behind many of mankind's greatest achievements.

Health - The awareness of vitality and its relationship to a good life. Consciously taking care of the body, mind and soul to efficiently achieve and enjoy the benefits you have earned.

Intelligence - The ability to perceive and put into proper perspective, evaluate correctly and act with efficiency. The use of knowledge, experience, common sense and imagination.

Craftsmanship - An attitude promoting the wise use of resources in the most efficient way for the most constructive and qualitative results possible. An approach that can be used in any walk of life.

Worthwhile Objectives - The key to channeling time, tools, energy and knowledge for a desired result. A commitment to a worthy cause. The way to reach a goal is to set a goal. The differences between people can be measured by their goals.

Courage - The Spirit that is free from fear is unlimited in its potential. Combined with health and intelligence, it is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. The ability to risk losing in order to win. To be criticized or to sustain and achieve a goal even after defeat. To walk into the jaws of death for a cause that you believe in. The ability to be who and what you are.

Trust - The keeping of promises. To honor obligations and commitments. To be able to do what you say you will do. The very foundation business, banking, creditability and friendship. A most highly prized possession, worthy of protection.

Self Respect - Earning the pride that comes from all that you have done. Standing on you own two feet, taking credit for failure as well as success. Living proudly for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you can be. Respecting the rights, the defeats, the ideas and the victories of others as well as your own. Choosing to measure yourself against the framework of life itself, rather than against anything or anyone else.

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