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HICO is a simple informatiom formula.  What is an information formula?  It is a set of words that can be used as points of reference, like a compass.  It gives you a 'bearing' which is a principle or technique from which to work.  Here are the principles of HICO.
--though simple, the keys to achievement and accomplishment and the keys to organizing your life's information and activity, are contained in this formula.
HICO stands for...


How does it work and how do you apply it? 

    You already have varying 'degrees' of the above.  From a personal standpoint, you have a certain 'amount' of Health, Intelligence and Courage.  And... you have objectives.  So -- how do you apply it?  Just realize that in order to achieve anything, you must first set an objective.  Then apply Health, Intelligence and Courage in your daily routine to accomplish that goal.

     From very simple tasks, to more sophisticated objectives, the principle is the same.  The formula is simple but effective.  You can have as your objective, the increase of Health, Intelligence and Courage.  That in itself, can be a very worthwhile goal with its own set of results.

     Make sense ?

     You can also use HICO as a mental file cabinet.  What does that mean?  All aspects of your life can be categorized under one of the elements.

    Health = all things related to the physical world.   exercise / nutrition / rest / your physical well being
    Intelligence = all things related to the mental world   work / thinking / analyzing / goal setting /
    Courage = all things related to the Spiritual world.    overcoming worry and fear / learning to cope / confronting life

      You can also use HICO to create a direction in your life.  What does that mean?  When you set goals or Objectives,
( other than simple survival ), it gives your life momentum, or direction and it enhances your life.  Reach for something and then use HICO to accomplish it is a way to give your life direction.

     These are your basic tools.  As you increase your health, intelligence and courage, and use them effectively, you are
more capable of achieving your goals and organizing your thinking. I hope you can use this and I hope I have raised your level of awareness a bit and made life a little bit easier to deal with. It is simple, but effective, and best of  all, it works!


" Nothing Adventured ~ Nothing Gained... "
" It is easier to Inspire... than to Influence...."
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